We are members of the ATLAS Experiment. As members of this experiment we have a duty to fullfill, that is, the AdCos Shift. Our goal is to monitor the transfer of files and the behavior of sites along the ATLAS Grid.
The Shift has a duration of 8 hours in which we have to be continuously checking failures in the Grid. The failures can of several types (task with low efficiency, sites that are down, etc). Once spotted the failure the shifter has to send a ticket (could be GGUS or Savannah) to the ATLAS experts to let them know about the problem so they could fix it.

At first, the shifter begins as a trainee. During this period (approximately 1 year) the shifter has to learn how to recognize problems on the ATLAS Grid and how to report them to the experts. Followed by this, the shifter is upgraded to Senior. There is another type of Shifter, the expert. Xavier Espinal is the expert shifter in charged of our group.

We invite anyone that could be interested to join our AdCos Shift group. More information about the AdCos Shift, click here.